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Autistic people, and those who love them, have made it known, loud and clear.They don't need, nor want, a "cure". 

Over the last few years, the stories surfacing about the abuse of autistics under the guise of a "cure" have horrified people around the world. A globally-run website was even created to bring awareness to one particular, and quite terrifying, "cure". Chlorine Dioxide (often referred to as MMS). 

But the message is still not getting out there.

There are still parents feeding their children bleach in a misguided effort to rid them of autism

There are still people who think risking getting a possibly deadly communicable disease is better than being autistic

There are still people who think Autism Speaks speaks for all.  

We want to change those perceptions.

We want the world to see autism is not something to be "cured", rather a neurological difference to be celebrated, accommodated, ACCEPTED.

Join us, April 2nd, 2016, World Autism Awareness Day, as we shout out loud and clear

We Don't Need a Cure

Share your original artwork, poetry, videos, blog posts, ANYTHING that celebrates autism or creates awareness about the dangers of "curist" thinking! Let's show the world just how 

AU-SOME autism can be!!

#IDontNeedACure #WAAD16