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I Don't Need A Cure Contributing Artists

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Kashi Devi
"I am Highly Verbal Autistic . I refer to myself this way as my slap in the face to the phrase "high functioning autistic", because that's all anyone ever means when they use that label. They never take other functions into consideration. I learned I was Highly Verbal Autistic after my now three year old began showing subtle signs of autism at around six months of age. I am self-diagnosed, after literally hundreds of hours of research on my part, although I've struggled always and was taken to many specialists as a child to find out (unsuccessfully) what was wrong with me, but because I was female, verbal, and born in 1970, the awareness just wasn't out there and my current insurance provider will not give me an evaluation.My toddler is diagnosed ASD requiring moderate to substantial support and my 21 year old is ADHD Inattentive Type, but I believe if he'd been born later he would have been diagnosed with ASD as well.
Find her facebook page here .

Christopher Gibbons: 

Christopher's mother has written a lovely bio in our blog section. Click here after April 2 to be redirected there.

Luke Hayne

Luke Hayne is a tireless autism advocate and an exceptional graphic designer from the United Kingdom. For a great biography on Luke, click here to be redirected to the Ban Cd MMS Website. For Luke's Autism Spectrum Diversity Facebook page, click here 

Theodore Howe

C. Theodore Howe is a Canadian composer, clarinettist, educator, and pianist.Highlights of his career include brief clarinet performances in Europe and the West Indies. His piano repertoire and composition style have been influenced by the greats of Classical piano music (such as Chopin and Beethoven), as well as by piano-composers of the 21st century, such as Stephan Beneking.Theodore has composed various pieces, ranging from classical improvisations for solo piano, to large works for Concert Band.Theodore currently holds his BFA in Music at York University from Toronto and is working towards his MMus in Music Composition at Universit√© Laval in Quebec. Find samples of his work and links on the Music page.

Christine Leaming (AKA Inks and Daggars)

Not on the spectrum herself, but thoroughly immersed in the spectrum world, Christine has a graphic novel on tap featuring an autistic teen as the lead character, Caleb, who runs away from his curebie family. A preview is in the blog section, here (publishing date April 2, 2015) or on her tumblrpage

Maranda Russell
Maranda is an award-winning artist, author and poet who "happens to have Asperger's Syndrome". She also vlogs on YouTube and blogs on her website about many subjects, including Asperger's Syndrome, writing, art, chronic illness, spirituality, entertainment and anything else that interests her! For her facebook fan page click here . For the I DOn't Need A Cure Flash blog, Maranda contributed a poem, "I Was Made This Way For A Reason" which will go live April 2nd, and a VLOG you can see right now!!

Janet Sebelius
Not officially diagnosed until she was 50, Janet is proudly ASD, and even prouder, rightfully so, of her artistic talent. Currently living in Saskatchewan, Canada, Janet is a self taught sculptor, working mainly with clay. A truly gifted artist.

Alanna Rose Whitney

Alanna Rose Whitney is a twenty four year old. #ActuallyAutistic self-advocate & multi-disciplinary artist living in #Vancouver, B.C.Canada. She is chapter leader for @ASANvancouver & national affiliate for @ASANcanada. She is also an entrepreneur with @dirtysoap_
Find Alanna on twitter and tumblr

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